5 Signs Your Spouse Has an Addiction

Signs of an Addiction

Addiction can impact every person in the family, including those who are married to someone using. When you are dealing with spouse addiction, you may be unsure of what to do. Are they using? Are they addicted to drugs or alcohol? Is it up to you to figure out how to help them? It’s complex, but sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your spouse is to get help.

Does my spouse have an addiction? Here’s how to find out.

What to Look for to Determine if Spouse Addiction Is Occurring

How do you know your spouse has an addiction of some type? It’s hard to notice because it often occurs over some time. That makes it hard for you to recognize what’s happening initially. Look for these common signs.

They Are Acting Out of the Ordinary

One of the most common things to look for is a change in behaviors. Look for significant changes, things that you are seeing happening more often.

  • Are they isolating themselves from you and other members of the family?
  • Do they skip family events?
  • Are you lying to them because they do not keep promises?
  • Are they hiding something from you or their employer?
  • Is it common for them to forget things that used to be important?
  • Do they no longer have any interest in the things that used to be important to them?

Increasing Use of Substances May Indicate Spouse Addiction

To decide to send your loved one to addiction centers in FL, ask yourself if you have seen an increase in the amount or type of drugs they are using. With pain medications, your loved one may be using more drugs and running out of prescriptions. With illicit drugs, they may be using more to get the same effects.

Health Complications Are Growing

Drug use of any type leads to health problems because the body cannot handle the toxins’ intake. The more often this happens, or the more potent the drugs are, the more risk of organ damage or overdose. Kidney and liver damage, heart damage, and problems with the lungs are often first.

Financial Problems or Work-Related Problems Are Growing

Many people with addiction have trouble maintaining responsibilities. That may begin to become evident at work. They may make mistakes or get in trouble more often. In some cases, they may blame other people for this or have many excuses for it. What’s important is that they are likely to lose their job. That may lead to financial stress and turmoil.

They Have Withdrawal Symptoms

A person with a spouse addiction will have withdrawal symptoms if they stop using it. That means they may feel symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Moodiness and mood swings
  • Anger and agitation
  • Insomnia or extreme fatigue
  • Inability to focus or anxiety

If you notice these types of spouse addiction symptoms, it’s time for you to take action. That may mean calling the partial hospitalization centers in FL that can offer guidance and support. Get information about what they can do for your loved one. Talk to your spouse about what’s happening and what it means to you and your future. What is most important is to do something before there is no chance of fixing what is occurring.

Finding Help for Your Future Is an Option

Spouse addiction is hard to overlook. When you find yourself struggling with what to do next, reach out for help. A trusted, experienced drug, and alcohol treatment program can make all of the difference in your health and wellbeing.


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