Why is K2 Drug Rehab Important?

The idea of synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 and spice, didn’t strike many people as a dangerous thing when it first made its appearance. It didn’t take long after its introduction, however, to realize that this relatively new drug was very dangerous. As it soon turned out, there’s a very good reason K2 drug rehab is needed.

A recent internet post about K2/spice does a pretty good job of summing up the problem of why K2 drug rehab matters: “I never thought a drug could get you that physically and mentally addicted.” This is hardly an isolated message. You can’t go to an online discussion about K2 addiction without seeing messages like:

“I’m losing my husband to this substance. What can I do?”

“Help, my wife is using spice and it’s really messing her up.”

“Worst. Withdrawal. Ever.”

“You’re never the same after using K2. I’m still having problems even though I quit awhile ago.”

K2 addiction, also known as spice addiction, is a threat that the general population is only just beginning to understand. Without question, the need for K2 drug rehab treatment is very real.

Although the K2 drug problem isn’t gripping the headlines, it is nevertheless a significant problem that doesn’t show any signs of improving. Many people don’t realize that synthetic marijuana (like K2 and spice) is now the second most commonly used drug by high school students. In fact, one out of nine high school students now admits to trying it at least once.

One of the biggest problems with synthetic marijuana is that it’s viewed as a legal and safe alternative to (mostly) illegal marijuana. People selling K2 are quick to tell people that it’s non-addictive like weed and that there aren’t many side effects. Both statements are false. There are side effects, many of which are dangerous. The non-addictive claim? There are thousands of people who have been through K2 drug rehab treatment who will strongly dispute that concept.

What synthetic weed may contain is frightening. Since it’s illegal, there’s no oversight and there are no regulations, which means buyers are at the complete mercy of often unscrupulous manufacturers.

Active ingredients in K2 include more than 200 man-made chemicals, which are known as synthetic cannabinoids. These chemicals of dubious origin are sprayed on inexpensive plant material and sold with sleek names like K2, Spice and Scooby Snax. For emergency medical personnel and emergency room staff, helping a person who has overdosed on K2 presents a problem. They can never be sure of exactly what chemicals are involved, which affects what they need to do to help the victim. Before such a tragedy strikes, it’s best to seek K2 drug rehab treatment.

One reason K2 drug rehab treatment is so essential is that synthetic cannabinoids are highly addictive. This is a stark contrast to natural marijuana, which isn’t considered physically addicting. Also unlike real marijuana, the synthetic variety brings with it a host of dangerous or even potentially fatal side effects.

The principle reasons people seek K2 drug rehab are that they want to put an end to terrible side effects and they don’t like what K2 is doing to their personalities. Unlike natural weed, K2 side effects aren’t easy to bear.

Side Effects of K2 Use

People who sell K2 will never tell you about the incredibly dangerous side effects associated with this substance. People in K2 drug rehab typically report the following side effects:

Intense fear



Aggressive personality changes

Suicidal/homicidal thoughts

Violent behavior

Psychotic breaks

Given the drastic nature of these K2 side effects, it’s understandable why users would want to seek K2 drug rehab as soon as possible. Unfortunately, K2 has the ability to punish in more ways than this. As bad as the above side effects are, K2 has a special brand of pain in store when users try to quit.

K2 Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from any kind of drug is difficult. However, withdrawal from a synthetic marijuana product like K2 is one of the most difficult there is. Before K2 drug rehab treatment can proceed, detox must take place first.

It’s best to let medical professionals handle the K2 detox process. Self-detox from K2 is nearly impossible due to the fact that the severity of symptoms make it difficult to function in your daily life. People addicted to K2 will frequently lose weeks of work in failed attempts to self-detox.

The following list of common K2 withdrawal symptoms are some of the most severe of any type of drug, including heroin, and they point to the crucial role of K2 drug rehab. These symptoms include:

Cold sweats

Insomnia that can last for days

Extreme anxiety & restlessness


Extreme nausea




Heart attacks

Withdrawal symptoms generally begin a few hours after discontinuing K2 and often persist for days or even weeks. The severity of these withdrawal symptoms is determined by factors such as how long you’ve been addicted and in what quantities you’ve been consuming K2. These alarming symptoms are a good reason to seek K2 drug rehab before things get worse.

In self-detox, users often decide than using is the easiest way to make the withdrawal symptoms stop. Before long, they are plunged back into addiction. It’s a vicious cycle that destroys families and careers. In some cases, it can even be fatal.

Given the extreme symptoms associated with K2 withdrawal, it’s best to avoid self-detox. Remember that a successful detox is the first step toward recovery. The second step is K2 drug rehab treatment.

The Need For K2 Drug Rehab Treatment

Sadly, synthetic marijuana like K2 has grown in popularity despite having a horrible reputation. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported in 2011 that 11.4% of high school seniors had tried synthetic marijuana. Given this alarming number, the need for K2 drug rehab treatment is huge. If you or your child suffer from an addiction to K2, you’re doing the right thing by trying to learn more about rehab treatment. The next step is figuring out what type of treatment is best suited for your unique needs.

Inpatient K2 Drug Rehab Treatment vs. Outpatient K2 Drug Rehab Treatment

An inpatient program (aka: residential treatment) means that you’re isolated from triggers and temptations on the outside that could get you into trouble again. Staying “on campus” at the facility means you will be safe and comfortable 24 hours a day under the careful supervision of doctors and trained staff members. During this challenging time, you’ll never be alone, which can be a tremendous comfort for many people.

Outpatient K2 drug rehab treatment, on the other hand, allows you much greater flexibility to continue with school, work or family responsibilities that can’t be put on hold. Outpatient treatment is ideal for patients whose addiction isn’t so far advanced, and if their home environment is stable and supportive.

Do I Need Inpatient Treatment?

If you don’t live in a supportive home environment or if your addiction is sufficiently advanced, inpatient K2 drug rehab treatment may be your best bet. It’s important to remember that successful recovery is easier to achieve when nothing distracts you during treatment. Also, inpatient treatment will keep you safe and comfortable with 24/7 support from doctors and staff.

Is K2 Drug Rehab Treatment  Private and Confidential?

The HIPAA law is in place to help protect the privacy of your patient files. When you enter treatment, you would have to sign off on the release of any of your medical files should a doctor or any third party want access to them. Only in a true emergency situation would your file be released without your consent, such as to a hospital facility.

Your privacy is a key consideration at any reputable K2 drug rehab facility. Recovery is a private time that others don’t need to know about, unless you choose to tell them. Executive drug treatment is also an option for those who require enhanced privacy during treatment.

How Long Will Inpatient K2 Drug Rehab Treatment Last?

A typical stay for inpatient K2 treatment is 28–30 days. However, depending on individual circumstances, the time required could be longer. In general, the following treatment times are typical:

28- to 30-day treatment programs

60-day treatment programs

90-day treatment programs

Extended K2 drug rehab (90+ days)

What’s the Process For K2 Drug Rehab Treatment?

After deciding upon a treatment center, you will go through the intake process. At that time, an addiction specialist will gather information on your medical history, your history of addiction and any pertinent personal details that apply. At this time, financial matters can be discussed as well. An addiction specialist can go over your health insurance plan to determine what is covered and if you will owe anything out of pocket.

Once the intake process has been completed, patients must go through detox. This is necessary for K2 drug rehab treatment to be effective. Detox for K2 is a particularly difficult process that can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on the seriousness of your addiction. As difficult as K2 detox is, cleansing your body of all traces of drugs is important to insure a successful rehab process.

Upon the completion of detox, your recovery isn’t complete. It’s important to remember that detox only gets you off K2. It will take K2 drug rehab treatment to keep you off K2. In rehab, you get a better understanding of the terrible psychological and physical dependency you’ve had on K2. Education and counseling is crucial to recovery. Knowing how K2 trapped you gives you the ability to avoid that trap again once you leave treatment.

How Do I Pay for K2 Drug Rehab Treatment?

What happens if you don’t have health insurance? Do you just give up on the opportunity for treatment? Absolutely not! Any reputable K2 drug rehab center will accept a wide variety of payment options, including:

Payment plans: Rehab facilities will often work with a third-party financing company to offer flexible payment options

Personal loans: These could be from family and friends, many of whom will be most anxious to do whatever they can to help you recover

Should I Stay Near Home or Travel For K2 Drug Rehab Treatment?

While many people think sticking close to home makes sense because of the convenience, it’s often better to consider treatment further away. Remember that your home environment helped spawn your K2 addiction in the first place. Being so near the usual temptations and triggers can have an adverse effect on your recovery. Sometimes it’s best to seek a totally different environment for treatment. In a new place, it’s so much easier to embrace one of the central themes of recovery: a new start.

Do I Want an Executive or Luxury K2 Drug Rehab Center?

High-achieving business executives sometimes need extra accommodation that a standard drug rehab program may not be able to provide. For example, enhanced privacy may be a necessity for high-profile individuals. Also, executives often have to remain in consistent contact with their offices in order to make strategic decisions. An executive rehab program can provide the needed internet access or office space to meet the required needs.

For many people, upscale accommodations and amenities make the entire rehab process far more palatable and thus more successful. A luxury K2 drug rehab center can provide the kind of amenities that you’d expect to find in the finest hotels, such as gourmet cuisine and extensive gym facilities. Although these fineries are just an adjunct to your evidence-based rehab treatment, a luxury setting can be important for people.

What Treatment Methods Should I Expect To Encounter?

A reputable K2 drug rehab center offers evidence-based treatment methods to help get you on the road to recovery. Some programs include:

12-step and non-12-step programs

Group counseling

One-on-one counseling

Spiritual meetings

Holistic programs

Faith-based programs

Stop Your K2 Addiction Before It Stops You

K2 addiction is one of the most frightening addictions possible. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms are good reasons to seek professional help. Let drug rehab treatment help you overcome your K2 addiction.

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