What Can I expect From Group Addiction Therapy

If you haven’t been to group therapy, it can sound like a daunting experience to take part in. However, group therapy is a vital component of maintaining sobriety as it allows you to learn about the phases of recovery from people who have the experience to guide you through your own process. Clearhaven Recovery’s group therapy sessions will offer a blueprint for life after addiction.

Group therapy is psychotherapy that engages a cooperative effort between care professionals and several participants who may be experiencing different phases of their treatment. It is often used for addiction recovery programs as it can provide insights that model the recovery process as a whole. Groups can be very small, with just a few individuals, or very large depending on the addiction processing and the community’s need. The goals of an addiction group may mean that anonymity is paramount and will allow for the safety within the space to share difficult stories. Typically, these meetings are scheduled one or more times weekly for one to two hours of processing.woman discusses her need for alcohol detox with a therapist

Groups meet in a room where participants interact with the others in the room. Sometimes, depending on the group size, chairs will be moved into a circle so that you can see other members. There will be a code, or set of rules for how to participate, as this will maintain a valuable space for all participants. Sessions may open with an introduction period, where each participant introduces themselves. Members may also elaborate on their progress since the previous session. The therapist or group leader will direct the group in a way that benefits the cohesion of the group. This helps the individual by integrating their sober personality into a group setting.


Group therapy sessions provide many benefits to those who are processing addiction. They can give a sense of structure and meaning to a process that can seem violent and painful, productive inner change. But the good news is that it provides the space to make those shifts in the self with guidance and helpful demonstrations of what sober living will resemble. Here are some of the benefits described by individuals and therapists who take part in group therapy programs:

  • Receive support. The encouragement to keep moving through recovery is reinforced by participating and growing relationships within the sober community.
  • An information exchange can help people who are new to the program learn about the community from others within the community. This boosts the ability to build relationships and to find the resources in the community that are needed to support sobriety, such as where sober events are taking place.
  • When we see successful coping modeled for us, it can be easier to believe that we will be able to cope successfully, as well. Watching participants who are ahead of us shows what is possible, and what to avoid. In turn, serving as a model for others who are behind us in the recovery process can help to foster feelings of accomplishment.
  • Being part of a group can provide universal understanding and foster reciprocal empathy. This means that you are not alone in your experience, and you bring your strengths to the environment of healing.
  • Develop your sober you in a place of healthful, supportive redirection. This helps a member identify what behaviors are appropriate.

Now that you have seen the changes that group therapy can make in your life, take advantage of these changes and make lifelong friendships along the way. Your sober community is waiting for you to find them. Most sober communities will also offer other addiction treatment programs including.

Facing addiction recovery can be a daunting process, but Clearhaven Recovery’s group therapy for addiction programs can offer the community support you need to thrive. Our professionals truly understand that addiction is a disease that requires holistic care options. We understand that every individual struggling with addiction has unique needs for recovery, and this is why our recovery center offers time-tested and sociable treatment techniques to help you in your healing journey. You can contact us today via our secure online form or give us a call 855.977.0403 to discuss individualized treatment options. Clearhaven Recovery is the clear choice for your path to wellness.